PANGEA Unternehmerkapital

Values for Generations

We are committed to supporting your company in the long term with our capital and expertise. We recognize and appreciate the significance of vision, trust, and sustainability for you as an entrepreneur.


PANGEA at a Glance

PANGEA Unternehmerkapital serves as a partner for entrepreneurs who are planning their succession or seeking investment for further growth, whether in the short or long term. We are also the right partner for  companies looking to divest non-core activities.

We focus on equity investments in established medium-sized companies in the German-speaking area with sustainable and profitable business models. We look for both stable firms in niche markets as well as high-growth companies in emerging markets.

We make long-term investments without the need for short-term divestments, aiming to create value for companies, individuals, and our shareholders. Our capital is provided by entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs.


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Passion and dedication

Our approach

An investment into a company is a long-term commitment to us. We actively support each portfolio company in its growth and development with utmost respect for individual values.


We do not merge companies but rely on the strength and individuality of each of our companies. As shareholders, we act as 'sparring partner' with many years of cross-sectoral experience and support the management on site. However, we do not practice micromanagement. This decentralized approach leads to entrepreneurial acting management teams and employees, as well as the preservation of the unique DNA of each of our companies.


We place great importance on fostering a professional culture of trust and collaboration. Mutual honesty and transparency are essential prerequisites for any partnership or investment.


Furthermore, social and environmental factors are taken into account when making investment decisions.

Our investment criteria


Our primary focus lies on medium-sized companies in the German-speaking area. We have a preference for businesses that demonstrate sustainable and positive performance. Typically, we invest in companies with an annual revenue ranging from EUR 5m to EUR 75m.


We look for established companies with market leading positions in their respective industries. We have a particular interest in businesses operating in sustainable niche markets, high-growth companies, and companies operating in markets that offer potential for further value-enhancing acquisitions.


We look for companies with a well-diversified customer and supplier base, ensuring they are not overly reliant on any single entity.